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90.1 KSAK  Music and More from Mt. San Antonio College
Music and More from Mt. San Antonio College
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Below are stories from past 90.1 KSAK newscasts
and "web exclusive" stories.

September 17, 2010--A survey says texting and driving is common dispite being dangerous and against the law.
Texting and Driving

Latest on the proposed L.A. football stadium in the City of Industry.
Los Angels Stadium

In Las Vegas on December 5, 2008, Pro football legend O.J. Simpson received his sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping.
O.J. Simpson

The United States of America elects it's first African-American President.
Barack Obama Elected

June 1, 2005.  A Watergate mystery solved!  The Washington Post confirms
Mark Felt is the infamous "Deep Throat" who helped reporters Woodward and Bernstein uncover a national scandal.  Newscaster Daniel Raymond reports.  Interesting Note:  90.1 KSAK started broadcasting during the Watergate scandal, and was on the air to broadcast the final piece of the puzzle!
Watergate Mystery

Author Ray Bradbury and actor George Takei ("Sulu" from Star Trek) made an appearance at Mt. San Antonio College on October 23, 2003.  The two celebrities were helping raise funds for the Mt. SAC Planetarium.
90.1 KSAK covered the event.
Ray Bradbury

March 17, 2003.  President George Bush gives Saddam Hussein and his sons two days to leave Iraq or face military consequences.  The world braces for war and 90.1 KSAK newscasters were covering the story.
President Bush's Ultimatum

To protest the governor's proposed educational fee increases and budget cuts, Mt. SAC students took to the street, literally, as part of a state wide demonstration.  90.1 KSAK had a field reporter interviewing the protestors.  The event took place on Monday March 17, 2003 just hours before President Bush delivered his ultimatum to Iraq.
Community College March

Republican candidate for Governor Bill Simon stopped by Mt. San Antonio College while on the campaign trail.  Newscaster Rebecca Manriquez covered the story and produced a report.  Newscaster Michelle Encinas introduces the report during her 5 pm newscast on March 22, 2002.
Bill Simon Visit

September 11, 2001.  A sad day for America.  A defining moment for the newscasters of 90.1 KSAK.
World Trade Center Attack

With Timothy McVeigh's execution less than a week away, the convicted
Oklahoma City bomber receives news from the U.S. Attorney General that his death sentence will be delayed by a month.  90.1 KSAK was on top of the story.
McVeigh Reprieve

On February 28, 2001, the Seattle area experience a significant earthquake.
Click below to hear 90.1 KSAK's coverage of the event.
Seattle Quake Story


The morning of March 5, 2001 brought us the story of an enraged
student and the toll he inflicted on his high school.  Though a difficult story
to cover, 90.1 KSAK relayed it accurately and professionally.
Santee Shooting Story

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