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90.1 KSAK  Music and More from Mt. San Antonio College
Music and More from Mt. San Antonio College
Sponsored by
The Associated Students


 Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions about 90.1 KSAK.  
If you have a question,
E-mail us.

K-S-A-K or K-SAC?

What music do you play?

 Can you publicize my event?

What is 90.1 KSAK?


How can I get on air?

"K-S-A-K?  I though it was K-SAC.  You know, like Mt.-SAC"

Make absolutely no mistake, we are
90.1 K-S-A-K
Since it began broadcasting, Mt. SAC's radio station has always been K-S-A-K.
The F.C.C. did not grant us the call letters KSAC because they were already taken by another station.  There is still a station broadcasting with KSAC.  To clarify this, we identify ourselves as "K-S-A-K" (not "K-SAK" which implies our call letters are KSAC).  Some confusion stems from the time before we received an FM broadcast license.  During this era, "radio" personnel played music/made announcements over a campus loud speaker system using "KSAC" to identify themselves.  This reference appears in old publications about the station.
 (Click for an example.  We still receive this incorrect reference in publications today and regularly receive mail with the wrong call letters.

"What kind of college station is 90.1 KSAK?"

At the moment, 90.1 KSAK is a professionally formatted station run by college volunteers.  The station is a vocational experience.  Our prime goal is to provide practical, real world experience which will help someone acquire a job in the radio industry.  In the process, we also do a good job in serving Walnut and the Mt. SAC community with music and information.

"What kind of music does 90.1 KSAK play?"

The basic format contains sets of music from three of the most popular types of music in the country.  Hip Hop, Modern Rock, and Contemporary Hits.  In a typical hour, you will hear sets of music from each of these formats.
  Hip Hop                   Modern Rock                      The Hits
(Click to see some of the songs we're playing.)

This rotation of music is done for a variety of reasons:  First, a multiple format better meets the needs of the diverse population of Mt. SAC and the surrounding area.  Though modern radio formatics indicate one type of music is best for achieving higher ratings, 90.1 KSAK is a non-commercial station which receives most of its funds from the Associated Students.  Therefore, we do not rely on higher ratings to gain advertising revenue.  A multi-format station is also better for station volunteers.  Opportunities arise at stations with many types of formats.  The more familiar a broadcaster is with that format, the better their chances of getting the job.  Training broadcasters in these three major formats (as well as news, sports and production) gives them a logical advantage.

"How can I get on the air at 90.1 KSAK?"

First, become a student at Mt. SAC and enroll in R-TV 01 (Intro to Broadcasting).  Next, come to the station and fill out a Volunteer Information Form.  
(Click here for contact info.)
You will then be contacted for an audition.  You will meet with the Operations Coordinator personally and discuss your goals in broadcasting.  Upon completion of your training, you will sign the 90.1 KSAK Broadcaster Contract and be put on the schedule.  After proving yourself to be a responsible and reliable volunteer, other duties are possible (assuming you meet the academic requirements).  These include News, Production, Sports and Programming.  Only your efforts will determine your success.

"I have an event which I would like publicized.  Can 90.1 KSAK help me?"

In most cases yes.  We must receive written information about the event at least
2 weeks in advance!

If the event is held on campus or is a Mt. SAC student activity, you should come to the station in the Learning Technology Center (Bldg. 6-185) and fill out the "90.1 KSAK On-Air Announcement Request."  If you have a campus approved flyer for the event, attach it to the filled out form.
If it's a non-profit event held off campus, you can mail the information to

90.1 KSAK
1100 N. Grand Ave.
Walnut, CA  91789.

  • All requests must include a contact name and number for 90.1 KSAK to confirm information.
  • Airing, scheduling and rewriting of the information is at the sole discretion of 90.1 KSAK.
  • All announcements must comply with FCC rules and regulations, 90.1 KSAK and Mt. San Antonio College rules, regulations, policies and guidelines, as well as all federal, state and local laws.







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